Eclipse 2017
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Eclipse 2017
2/6/16 UCgt
1/12/16 UC
Ed Beck 16
6/5/12 Transit
5/20/12 Eclipse
9/25/11 -17.5"
2/18/9 C11-SGT


Eclipse Thoughts

Eclipse 2017 - Totality in Oregon

Below is a 360-degree video of the eclipse as viewed near Madras, Oregon on August 21, 2017.  We're part of a group of about 60 people, only a handful are experienced observers (it was actually much more fun that way).

Note that the Sun itself nor any of its interesting behavior shows up in the video (sorry).

(drag your mouse to look around (if you click the View in Youtube tab, you can also zoom in and out))


(if you're in a hurry, skip to about 3:10.  that's when totality begins)

0:00 We start deep into the partial eclipse. 3:20 until totality.  It's darker and cooler (although the camera's auto-exposure does its best to cancel out the changing lighting)
  The change in lighting is like nothing else.  Up to now, it's by far the most-elipsey thing other than the sun itself.
  Assuming that the video is centered on the front of the car, there is a tripod front and center.  It is manned by a 20-year old senior in Business Management and Computer Game Design.  He and his family have driven upf from LA.  My family, and Bob, Alex, Isa, and Margia (who drove up from San Diego) and Nephew Nick (who flew in from Vegas) are to the left of the tripod.
  The gaggle of people to the north (along the trail) is our main group. 60+ people
  Behind the tripod to the left a bit, is Mt. Jefferson.  It is visible to us but not to the camera because of haze.
  It's over 20 miles away and along the shadow path to the west.  It's dimming out will be an indication of the shadow travelling 1500mph towards us.
  That's why everyone's back is to the sun.  We want to see the shadow race towards us.
2:20 1 minute before totality Mt. Jefferson is in shadow. The haze blocked it from the camera, but now we can't see it with our eyes, either.
3:05 Mt. Jefferson is starting to standout noticeably (perhaps the sky behind it is far enough behind the shadow now that it is backlighting the mountain).  It's dark like early twilight.  Considerably cooler.
3:35 The Diamond Ring: instants before totality.  A lot of cheering.  Massive darkening.
3:40 And the Crowd Goes Wild!  Corona Time!  Paydirt.  
3:56 "There's Venus!"   The nearby clouds have disappeared.
4:00 "You can see Stars"
  To the west now, it looks like a sunrise is going on.
5:30 "It's disappearing!"
5:45 "There's the diamond ring".  Boo! Totality's over.

Direct Youtube link:

Raw 360-degree footage Totality 2x180s (download: 1.8GB)

Bob's GoPro recording is here.

A cool 360 video from the giant refugee camp known as Solar City


 Totality: My Initial Thoughts - Long and Winding (I'll appreciate it many years from now, even if no one else ever does).


Much more later.